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Cudillero Asturias


Cudillero – Asturias, North Spain.

Cudillero is a charming fishing village located on the western coast of Asturias. With a population of 1622 inhabitants Cudillero is probably one of the most beautiful towns and resorts of the West Coast of Asturias that combines sea and tradition.

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The western area of Asturias is the least known but not the least beautiful. Cudillero may well represent the difference between the landscape of eastern and western Asturias, a region of strong and marked characteristics which are reflected both in the landscape and in the inhabitants of this area.

The fishing village of Cudillero has always been tied to the sea and its fishing activity, as well as to its Nordic and Viking roots. Cudillero even has its own dialect, ” pixueto”, a variant of the Asturian dialect which contains words of Nordic origin and that it is only spoken in this village.

Cudillero is known as the “Amphitheatre Cudillero”. Its houses seem to hang from the hills that shelter its port and its main square could well be the stage of an amphitheater. Its picturesque houses and steep narrow streets attract the attention from the start. The friendliness and openness of its people welcome visitors who often repeat visits to this charming village on the west coast of Asturias.

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During the summer, Cudillero boasts great activity both in the village and its surroundings. Dozens of people can be found tasting delicious seafood fresh from the sea in the beautiful terraces of the town’s restaurants, or strolling through the narrow streets looking for isolated spots to be witnesses of the genuine daily life of its inhabitants.

As a coastal town, Cudillero is surrounded by numerous beaches of great natural beauty, among which are the famous beaches of La Concha Artedo, El Silencio or San Pedro de La Ribera.

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The sea is not only the natural scenario in Cudillero. From the village, visitors can do numerous hiking routes to enjoy the beautiful forests, rivers and valleys. One of the preferred routes is The Coastal Route of the Camino de Santiago, a route of 28-30 km that starts in the city of Aviles and ends in Cudillero, passing through all the coastal towns that lie in between, like: Piedras Blancas, Soto del Barco y Muros del Nalón where pilgrims may find different hostels to stay and relax.

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Cudillero is quite active during the summer season, though the most representative spots of the area are frequented by tourists throughout the year.

Cape Vidio, located in the neighboring town of Oviñana: Cape Vidio is the most important one in this area where visitors will hardly forget the view over the rugged Asturian coast and the sunsets over the Bay of Biscay, at a height of over 100 meters above sea level.

Another must is Selgas Palace: a magnificent complex of the late 19th century with historic gardens and stately buildings that house a unique collection of art by universal artists like Goya, El Greco and Tiziano. The beauty and care of the complex is so spectacular that its gardens, French style, were awarded the prize for best Spanish garden in 2006.

Another milestone in the visit to the town of Cudillero is the beautiful church of Santa Maria in the neighboring town of Soto de Luina, a building dating from the 18th century that, together with the rectory house, form an ancient pilgrims hospital linked to the Camino de Santiago.

The Church of San Martin de Luina is another historical landmark in the area, specifically located in a small village called “Escalada”. It is a baroque church from the early 18th century. This temple has been declared “of cultural interest” for being one of the best set of prototypes within the Asturian coastal churches, both in its overall value as in the conservation of the most essential constituents.

The “Humilladero Chapel” is the oldest building in the village of Cudillero that was formed in the 13th century. It is one of the most representative monuments of the council, Gothic style, which is considered a sacred and revered place for sailors.

In addition to Cudillero, this area boasts beautiful small villages that are worth visiting:

The villages of Ballota, Faedo, Novellana, Ovinana, Pinera, San Juan, Lamuno, Soto de Luina and countless villages that can be found throughout the area, each with its own charm.

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Regarding Cudillero local festivals, there is one in particular that completely defines the nature, origin and the way of life of its people: L’Almuravela Festival.

The L’Amuravela festival, held on June 29 of each year, is a festival declared of National Tourist Interest in Spain. A four-day local festival to celebrate the festivities of St.Peter, St.Paul and St. Pablin. For the feast of San Pedro, the people of Cudillero return to their origins: ringing of bells, fireworks, floats accompanied by bagpipers and the inhabitants, who all make their way to the waterside of Cudillero. Once all the people are gathered on the quayside of Cudillero, a local fisherman in a boat narrates all the events that have taken place during the year in the village. His words are spoken in “pixueto” (the local dialect) with an air of mockery and addressed to Holy St.Peter (the town’s patron) asking for more benefits and protection for the Cudillero community during the coming year. This event dates back to the year 1569 around which was built the parish of San Pedro and attracts thousands of visitors from everywhere.

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Cudillero is an open, friendly fishing village that offers visitors the opportunity to fully enjoy the genuine life of those people who live by and for the sea, in a picturesque community decorated with a peerless architecture, surrounded by a strong landscape that is reflected in the character and way of life of its people, full of tradition and authenticity.

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Cudillero Asturias Spain

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